Welcome to the Trumbull County Land Bank

The mission of the Trumbull County Land Reutilization Corporation is to return land and vacant abandoned properties to productive use, reduce blight, increase property values, support community land use goals, and improve the quality of life for all county residents.

In late 2010, the Trumbull County Land Reutilization Corporation (TCLRC) was established by the Trumbull County Treasurer’s office, with support from the Trumbull County Commissioners and the Trumbull County Prosecutor. The TCLRC and Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) have partnered since the inception of the Land Bank, and went into a contractual agreement in March of 2013 because of a shared commitment to increase quality of life throughout Trumbull County by returning derelict vacant property back to productive use. TNP manages the sale, transfer, disposition, demolition, rehabilitation, and reutilization of all Land Bank owned property.

How to Buy a Home from the Land Bank


Now that you have purchased a land bank home…