4022 West Lake Front After PicUnder special circumstances, the TCLRC offers certain residential property to potential buyers as a developer opportunity. Buyers must demonstrate substantial expertise and experience in the development of property and have the desire to market the home to owner-occupants upon completion of the renovation for an agreed upon period of time.


The purpose of our Real Estate Development Agreement is to rehabilitate decrepit housing for purposes of sale to owner-occupants in a method that benefits both the developer and the community.

To apply as a developer you may be required to:

Provide recent work experience, or prior work done with the TCLRC.

Provide a development plan for the specific property.

Provide proof of financing for the project.

Comply with all terms and conditions set forth by the TCLRC.

Obtain adequate liability and hazard insurance.

Developer opportunities will be monitored by TCLRC staff and are not for every investor. Contact the Land Bank at 330-469-6828 or by email at shawn@tnpwarren.org for additional information about the Real Estate Development Program.