Tree of Life Basketball Hoop (Mercer)The Side Lot Program allows interested property owners the opportunity to pursue the acquisition of adjacent property that is vacant and abandoned residential property under one acre. Lots are available for yard expansion or other residential needs, with the purpose of eliminating blight and returning vacant and abandoned properties to productive use. Property ownership information, tax delinquency, parcel ID, and other information about a property can be found using the Property Search on the Trumbull County Auditors Website.

When the Land Bank receives an application, it is processed for eligibility by the Land Bank then sent for review by the Trumbull County Treasurer’s Office, a 60 day process. If tax foreclosure is pursued by the Treasurer’s office, the Land Bank may acquire the property through tax foreclosure and make it available to adjacent property owners at a below market value price determined by the Land Bank, based upon legal fees incurred while obtaining the property through foreclosure. The tax foreclosure process may take 9-18 months to complete. In order to begin tax foreclosure on a property it must be at least 2 years tax-delinquent.

If the property is currently held in Trumbull County Land Reutilization Corporation’s (TCLRC) ownership the property may be made available for adjacent property owners to purchase.

Interested parties must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must own a property adjacent to the vacant lot (land bank policy favors acquisition of side lots by owner occupants, and owner occupants may be granted precedence over investors if conflicts occur) or otherwise have an end use as approved by the TCLRC.
  • The applicant must be current on all property taxes and have no current housing or zoning code violations.
  • The applicant must be able to maintain the lot in accordance with all local building, housing and zoning codes.
  • The applicant must be current on all real property taxes and have no current housing or zoning code violations.

Applying for a property may begin the foreclosure process, but it does not guarantee the property will be sold to the applicant. TCLRC strives to award the sale of property in a productive and equitable manner, and TCLRC policies are designed to assist TCLRC staff or agents in making determinations to that end.

To inquire about a particular side lot please complete the Side Lot Request Form.