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The Trumbull County Land Bank strives to assist veterans and their families in order to thank them for their service.  The Veterans Home Ownership Program is designed to give veterans the ability to own a home at a discounted price. This program offers aid to eligible veterans interested in purchasing a home through the Trumbull County Land Bank.

Veterans interested in purchasing a home through the land bank may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% of the minimum bid amount.

In order to participate in the Veterans Home Ownership Program, the veteran must:

Live in the home as their primary residence for a period of three years.

Agree to renovate the home in accordance to the specifications outlined by the Trumbull County Land Bank, and satisfy all municipality, township or village requirements.

Provide all necessary documentation to the Land Bank including: Pre-bid Application, Property Application, signed copy of Terms and Conditions, detailed Work Plan outlining all issues determined by the specific properties assessment, proof of funding for the rehabilitation of the property as well as the purchase amount.

Provide a copy of DD214 to verify military service. (Member 4 or Service 2 copies acceptable)

All improved properties in the Trumbull County Land Bank are eligible for this program unless already under contract or pending sale.